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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

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Alberto & Sharla's DC Wedding

Noe Todorovich

Small, intimate weddings are one of my absolute favorites to photograph. You can see and feel just how much it means to everyone involved. As a photographer, I get the opportunity to document that experience and allow the couple to share it with family and friends. 

It's extra special when the couple getting married are dear friends. I was truly honored and thrilled to document Alberto and Sharla's DC wedding. Two of my favorite people and an amazing couple? Yes, please!

We started the day with the ceremony at the DC Courthouse and then made our way to the National Gallery of Art for portraits. We stopped by the Embassy of Canada on the waySharla is Canadian, and this is where Alberto proposed to her! After that, it was off to the Washington Firehouse for a lovely evening of dinner and dancing. It really was a wonderful day and I'm so glad I got to document it! Now on to the pictures...


Ceremony location: DC Courthouse
Portraits location: National Gallery of Art
Reception location: Washington Firehouse

Jill and Eric's Northern California Wedding

Noe Todorovich

I still remember the first time I met Jill. It was just before sophomore year in college started, and all the desk receptionists and resident assistants gathered for training, mixed in with some socializing, of course. One of the socializing staples was the group outing to the Jelly Belly Factory where you tour the factory learning how the jelly beans are made, see giant portraits of famous people made entirely of jelly beans and, of course, exit through the gift shop. Somewhere along the way I met Jill, and we decided to share a bag of sour Jelly Bellys, which I gladly purchased. Later that day, Jill found me in the dorm to make sure she paid me back. And I just knew that she was good people and we were going to be friends.

One bag of Jelly Bellys and about ten years later, I was thrilled to fly back to California to document her wedding day. I got to pass through our old stomping grounds of Napa Valley and St. Helena (most importantly, stopping by Giugni's for a BBQ beef sandwich, of course!). I got to see the beautiful Redwoods of Northern California. I got to see Jill and Eric's family and friends all chip in to pull together an impressive wedding, from designing the floral arrangements to building the altar to cooking all of the food and all of the handmade details between. Most importantly, I got to see Jill enjoy every moment of the wedding day and marrying the man she loves. 


Wishing you all the best, Jill & Eric!


Shout out to all of Jill and Eric's friends and family who helped make sure everything came together. And special thanks to Milli Mike for all her help with pictures and for being my voice when I almost had none. (I hope I never lose my voice when shooting a wedding ever again!)

Jackie & Kyle

Noe Todorovich

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Jackie & Kyle earlier this month, thanks to (the) one (and only) Milli Mike. It was delightful photographing such a sweet, down-to-earth couple...and to work with Milli! (Interestingly, it was only the second time we’ve had a photography gig together in the 10+ years that we’ve been friends! The very first being a wedding we shot years ago.)

We started the shoot in Chinatown and made our way towards the National Mall, taking photos along the way and swinging by Matchbox where they had their first date, the National Portrait Gallery and Archives. Thankfully we had amazing weather and gorgeous light, which just made the shoot that much better.


Thanks again to Milli for an awesome collaboration and to Jackie and Kyle for being so fun and easy to work with!  

And now one last time, just for good measure, my favorite picture... (It just makes me so happy!)


Erin and Tim

Gina Todorovich

The majority of the time that I schedule a photoshoot for outdoors, the weather is just delightful—until the day of the shoot. Cue the rain. Well, when I was coordinating with Erin to schedule her and Tim's engagement photoshoot, the forecast followed this predictable pattern. Instead of cancelling or moving indoors, though, Erin expressed that they were game for braving the weather. In fact, she said that it had rained on many important days in their relationship. So in way, it seemed natural and even right to embrace a little rainy day shoot.

My photographer friend, a.k.a. Dual Vizion, accompanied me on this shoot, and we met beforehand to scout some shoot locations in Bethesda. We found a very fun, bright playground and also a quiet, serene path with lots of trees around. Not one to subject anyone to my playful tendencies and preferences, I mentioned the playground as an option to Erin and Tim when we met, and, much to my delight, they were into the idea. Walking over, we passed a wall with a huge mural, tucked away near a (full) parking lot. Other than waiting for several cars to turn around since the “lot full” sign was off the main road, it ended up being a great spot.

At the playground, we waited patiently for the children to clear out from the fire truck. And then the slides. Erin and Tim were fantastic and fun, even pilot testing the zipline of sorts (veto!). I was loving the bright red and yellow caged set up, but that was cut short by polite yet assertive children saying, “Excuse me. Can we please get through.”

Our last location was that path I mentioned for some walking shots, which turned into dancing shots.

One of my favorite things in photography is capturing moments that showcase people’s personality. Erin and Tim were such a joy to work with, and I consider myself blessed to have photographed another amazing couple for their engagement.