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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

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Rain Room

Noe Todorovich


When I first saw a picture of the Rain Room exhibit at the MoMA in New York City, my curiosity was piqued. Of course, it WAS a picture Paul Ocatvious took, so, you know, he makes magic.

In any event, I thought it would be great to see, and I'm glad it worked out in the end (sorta...we had to do the viewing option where you walk along the side of the installation because some crazies got in line at 4 am during the closing weekend. FOUR AM?! Pass...)

Without further ado, some film shots from the experience (and the line)... 


And one from my iPhone... 


Off the List, On the Streets

Gina Todorovich

I can finally mark something of my to do list. Something I have been wanting to do for literally years

I went to the B&H SuperStore in NYC. Was. AMAZING.

I knew it would be. It had to be. I heard the stories and watched the videos beforehand. But nothing can compare to actually experiencing it. I'm already itching to go back, preferably with, say, thousands of dollars allocated to spend. (I saw a blue Hasselblad that I swear was calling my name...)

While it may be a while before I'm shooting with that bad boy, I did enjoy taking my Pentax K1000 to the streets of NYC this past trip. I love the unknown factor of shooting film. Not quite knowing exactly what shot will be the first or last, seeing just how the depth of field played out when the roll is finally developed. In the case of this roll, my first shot was a partial one that happened to crop in on a man walking to the metro just perfectly...

A few of the next shots I took were experimenting with the other lens I have that has been taking the back seat to my trusty 50 mm when shooting film. Just walking down 34th St. leaving B&H, I learned how to use the zoom lens. The lens zooms by pulling the front of the lens away from the camera, as opposed to by rotating the lens as I'm used to. Mind = blown. I learned via a few blurry pictures, mind you, but...I learned. And even like a few of the lesson shots. 


I've been much more apprehensive to shoot street photography with my film camera as the shutter sounds deafening to me and makes me self conscious. However, nothing like the streets of NYC, in particular SoHo, to help me get over that. 


And I'll close with a few subway shots...


Until the next roll... (and the next...and the next...)