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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

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Mobile Movement

Gina Todorovich

This goes without saying for most anyone that knows me at all, but...

I love to take photos with my phone.

The vast majority of every commute to and from work is spent taking, editing and sharing images on my phone. I love how easy it is for me to do so much without needing to get out my gear, upload images to a computer and spend hours editing away. (Don't get me wrong; I still enjoy photography with my Canon 7D too...) I just know that I wouldn't have nearly as much photography to share if it weren't for the mobile side of things.

Mobile photography has also encouraged me to experiment a lot more. It's fun to try new apps and new methods, challenging yourself to do something a little differently. My latest discovery/obsession/method involves long exposures and minimal editing that leads to the work below.

It's a little bit of street, a whole lot of color (usually) and always some movement. 

Seeing the Unscene

Gina Todorovich

Earlier this year, I had an idea: stop looking and start taking pictures. Okay, that's an incredibly simplified version of it.

It started as an experiment. I decided to try taking pictures behind my back to see how much luck I might have—and beyond that, how much luck plays a role in photography. It was a way to stop thinking so much about every shot and see what happened. To further take control out of my hands, I decided to try using the randomize option on Hipstamatic

The results have been hit or miss—as much of photography often is. We take a variety of pictures, some stellar and some...terrible. 

 Exhibit A: Hit :-)     Exhibit B: Miss :-(

The more I thought about this idea (I know, that's a bit ironic), the more I wanted to pursue it. After talking about it with Richard Inonog (an amazing photographer, inspiration for Patrick Onofre, and also a guest on the Staying in Focus podcast), I decided to go ahead and dedicate a separate website to it.

Without further ado, I give you...

Glen Echo Park

Gina Todorovich

This past Sunday, after brunch (I was back in DC, after all, so THAT was a must) I didn't want to head straight home. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful day and take some pictures. I was originally thinking about the mall/monuments area, but then I opted for an alternative that I hadn't been to in a while and that is a bit more off the beaten path: Glen Echo. 

I find Glen Echo...unique. And very vintage. Or would it be retro? Either way, I decided to dub it Hipstamatic Heaven. Here are some of my shots from Sunday.




Note: all images are thumbnails and can be clicked on to view the full picture.

Mobile Macro | Photojojo

Gina Todorovich

I’ve wanted a macro lens for ages.

I’m talking since at least college, which amazingly translates into about a decade here (YIKES!).

I still haven’t bought one.

BUT…I did get one for my birthday this year—for my phone!

My friends who gave it to me joked that they decided on it when asking themselves, “How can we get Noe to spend MORE time on her phone.” In all seriousness, they did an amazing job picking out a gift for me that I love, will use a lot and hadn’t even thought about (or known about) for myself. Well done, Jacques and Paula. Well done.

I fell in love with my Photojojo macro lens almost instantly. I mean, I barely finished brunch before I tried it out on some flowers, bolts, buttons, eyes and just about anything with detailed texture. And anything that can compete with food for my attention and interest—you know it’s legit.

In addition to being able to—and having to—get SUPER close to what I’m photographing, I’m excited about how I can incorporate the macro lens into more abstract mobile photography that I have been experimenting with. Now I don’t consider myself anywhere near the level of some photographers* in this realm, but once I get my iPhone, y’all better watch out! (Kidding…kinda…) ;)

And yes, this means you will probably be seeing more pictures of flowers now. Can you blame me? Look at the colors of these... 


Don't worry though. It won't be all flowers. Just started an album today for macro shots that aren't as easy to distinguish. I'm sure I'll be putting this little macro lens (that I should also mention has a wide angle attachment) to good use. 


*Check out Patrick Onofre, Jorge Bañales and Jon Betts to see some awesome abstract mobile photography (and more, of course).