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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

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Wild Belle at the Black Cat

Noe Todorovich

I first heard Wild Belle back in October 2012 at the 930 Club when they opened for Passion Pit. I immediately fell in love with their sound & Natalie's voice, so I was excited to find out they would be back in DC this past weekend. I decided to keep up the trend of shooting more film and also experiment with pushing some film. Here are some of the pictures from the roll of Ilford HP5+ pushed to 1600.

Camera: Canon AE-1
Film: Ilford HP5+ pushed to 1600
Self-developed & scanned

Lewis Del Mar at the Black Cat 4.21.16

Noe Todorovich

Lewis Del Mar seems to have come out of nowhere and taken the scene by storm. If you listen to their music, you get it. If you get to see them perform, you really get it. Danny & Max are incredibly talented musicians, and if that wasn't enough, they are also just all-around awesome people I feel fortunate to have the pleasure to know. I'm so proud of them and excited to see what the future holds!

Last week, we were thrilled to see them at the Black Cat in Washington, DC. Just before heading out the door, I decided to grab the roll of Ilford 3200 film that had been sitting in the fridge and Patrick's Canon AE-1 to shoot some film of the show.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the show...

In the back room before the show.

In the back room before the show.


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Camera: Canon AE-1
Film: Ilford 3200
Developing: Self-developed with Kodak D-76 (1:1) and Ilford Rapid Fixer
Scan: Epson V600

Coachella 2013

Gina Todorovich

I realize this post is incredibly late, but I took so many pictures and videos during Coachella that I was unable to share AT Coachella due to the spotty service. (What’s that, you get TONS of people all in one place to listen to amazing music and yet everyone’s trying to use their phones and thus overloading the cell networks?! YUP.) And then one day turned into the next and the next. And suddenly we're into May. MAY?! 

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Philadelphia Day Trip

Gina Todorovich

"I don't wanna go to Philadelphia!" This was the repeated thought, turned joke—complete with a whiney little punk voice and delivery—the first time I found myself heading to the city of brotherly love. It's not that I had ANYTHING against the city, mind you. It's because it was an unexpected detour en route to NYC...and I was driving. 

I loathe driving when I don't know where I'm going. I think it stems from years and years of being the navigator on trips with my dad. You know, back before the days of GPS. (Did I just date myself there?)

Well, over the last few years, I've had the opportunity to visit Philly a little bit more and grown to appreciate it much more. I just went up there Sunday for a Lianne La Havas concert (PAUSE. SWOON!) and dinner with my dear, lovely, fabulous friend Marie (blue shoes below). ;)

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Mission South: Film Edition

Gina Todorovich


In addition to breaking in my new lens at the Black Cat DC, I also took some shots of Mission South with my Pentax K1000 film camera. You can probably see that these shots here have a slightly different feel to them. I used Forma Holga 135-24 Black & White film (a roll I ordered last summer when I eagerly loaded my Pentax Super discover the shutter wasn't working).

I found out after the fact that the film is designed for shooting in unfavorable lighting conditions and can give different effects if you over or under expose it. I happened upon some of that unintentionally with this roll. When I used the meter to determine the proper exposure, I think I may have actually ended up over exposing the shots of Mission South, and this resulted in a bit of a foggy feel to the shots (which I am kinda digging). Then later, I thought I was under exposing the ones of Olivia and the Mates, which turned out to actually be about spot on and much more contrasty. You can see those at the end of this post.

I've said it before...I'll say it again... I am simply thrilled to be shooting with film once again. I think differently about how I photograph when shooting with film. I think more. This was my first roll of black and white that I've shot in years, and I refrained from taking a lot of shots that I realized wouldn't be optimal for black and white since what drew my eye to them in the first place was subtle differences in colors that wouldn't translate well to black and white. I found myself thinking in black and white. And, well, a concert sure did lend itself nicely to that!

Here are the rest of my shots from the show. Enjoy!

(And remember, you can catch Mission South live tonight at DC9!)


Olivia and the Mates 


Mission South: Live

Gina Todorovich

In as transient a city as Washington, DC, it's not often that you encounter a true DC native. Or three of them who have been friends since the fourth grade, started a band together, went off to college in three different states and then returned to take their band to the next level.

Ladies and Mission South. That is their (much abbreviated, second hand) story. 

I know. AMAZING, right?!


I first met Mission South last year, when I had the chance to photograph them at my favorite little rural airport. These guys are absolutely amazing across the board. They are great guys and great musicians.

When I realized that Mission South would be playing at the camera-friendly Black Cat last month, I decided it was time to break in my new 70-200mm lens. It was an amazing show, and I have some shots to share here! More importantly, you have the chance to check them out live for yourself this Thursday, February 7 at DC 9. And lastly, for those of you who are interested in film photography, I will be posting some shots I took at the concert with my Pentax K1000 later this week. More film!

But for now...enjoy these shots and hope to see you at the show Thursday...