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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.


Noe Todorovich

My dad's side of the family is from the Pacific Northwest, and many of them still live there. I remember visiting Seattle over the years as a kid and going to the Science Center and taking the ferry, bundled up to stay warm in the wind with a cup of hot cocoa in my hands. I remember visiting the Fremont Troll...although none of my family remembers taking me so that remains a mystery. I have lots of fond memories of my trips to Seattle and time spent with family.

Recently, I've been finding myself returning to Seattle more often for a mix of work and play. This past trip, I tried to focus on taking more film pictures with my medium format twin lens reflex as it's become one of my favorite cameras. I drove around Port Defiance in Tacoma one day and decided to take the ferry to Bainbridge on another...something I hadn't done in years, since those childhood visits of long ago. It was fun to explore somewhere new and revisit an experience of old.

Camera: Seagull 4A-109
Film: Kodak Portra 400 & Fuji Acros 100
Develop & scans: The FIND Lab (color) & self-developed and scanned (B&W)