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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

Developing film at home

Noe Todorovich

I’ve been itching to develop my own film at home for a while. A few weeks ago, I found out Penn Camera was sending B&W film to Baltimore for developing, since their former chemistry supplier was no longer an option. It was a perfect catalyst. I decided it was finally time.

Looking at Ilford’s developing B&W film guide and this really sweet, thorough post about developing film on your own, I stocked my B&H cart full of chemicals, measuring cups, and other developing gear. And, thanks to B&H’s AWESOMENESS, I was all set within days. So I dove right back in and developed my first roll of film in about a decade.


That might seem like a bit much, but I truly love film photography and got downright giddy being able to be that involved at every step of the process, from loading the unexposed film in the camera all the way to the final results—negatives. Of course, then I need to take those negatives and turn them into some other form if I’m going to share them. Since I don’t have a full-fledged darkroom—yet—I settled on scanning them and bringing them into the realm of digital. (Special shout out to Robb Hohmann for lending me his super sweet Epson V600 scanner!)

I took a risk and developed my roll from NYC, including shots from my friends’ wedding, so I’m really, really glad they turned out. Here’s the contact sheet…

And here are a few shots from the roll...


I'll be sharing some more pictures from this roll (Sandy & Anthony's wedding!) soon, and perhaps some lessons learned. Until then...