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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

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My view on weddings and engagements has changed quite a bit over the years. I used to think that "perfect", thoughtful and, well, probably elaborate was the most impressive and ideal. As I've gotten older, I find myself more impressed and mesmerized by sweet, authentic and unique approaches.

Some of you may recall the engagement story and video of one Ashley & Jonathan. If not, you can see it below. Heck, if so, you can still see it below.

Now Ashley and Jonathan wanted to have a low-key wedding, and I believe the words they used in describing their theme were "no stress." Well darn. There went my chance of working with a Bridezilla. (Sidenote: when are we going to have a font for sarcasm?!) 

Ashley and I met at Tryst a few weeks before the wedding for coffee (and perhaps the best chocolate chip cookie in the district) and chatted a little bit about me shooting their wedding and the general plan for the day. 

On the wedding day, I got up early and headed over to meet the couple and begin documenting the day. I'm not going to lie. I had been a bit nervous about the task at hand and what the scenery would be like in the courthouse, where pictures are only allowed in the wedding chapel (I put my cameras away before entering the building and after leaving the wedding chapel for fear I'd forget and create some dramatic scene being dragged from the courthouse...oh, there's that elaborate I spoke of, huh?). 

Given that the theme was no stress and the setting was a bit of an unknown, I approached the day considering myself as more of a photojournalist, telling this couple's story that particular day, as opposed to a wedding photographer. I tried to see and document all the little moments that made what could be an ordinary day into a special one. They're often all around us, if we just stop to acknowledge them. It feeds back into my saying, "The ordinary is only so because of the eyes with which we see." This day was perfect and beautiful.

So that's a bit about the story in my words. Now here's the story in images...