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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

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Gina Todorovich

I love to share what I love.

On the flip side of that, when people are what I consider to be too enthusiastic about anything or anyone, I find myself slipping into the role of skeptic. Or as I think of it, I feel the need to balance things out by remaining unaffected and not jumping on the bandwagon. It took me about two years to come around to skinny jeans, which I now love. I just want to know that I genuinely like whatever it is that's all the rage for what it is and not just because it is all the rage. Or whatever phrase the cool kids are using these days. We don't even call them cool kids anymore, do we? I'm going to quit while I'm behind.

This love of sharing what I love permeates every aspect of my life, including photography. Photography enables me to capture moments that I randomly witness or scenes of intrigue, humor, beauty or even poignancy that I happen upon. I'm then able to bring others to those scenes or into those moments through my photographs. Without words, I am able to speak to others through what I see and how I've seen it.

In addition to photography, I also love to share about whatever I might find funny, intriguing, thought-provoking, entertaining or just randomly crossing my mind at the moment.

I've encountered three new loves recently that I want to share.

See models at fashion weeks in New York and Paris undergo the hair and makeup transformation. Instead of just the before and after snapshots, you can actually drag your mouse across the picture to see the model morph from the before to after look.

Esperanza Spalding
The winner of the Grammy Award for Best New Artist who many people, myself included, are just now discovering. This video of her performing Lauryn Hill's "Tell Him" at the White House swept me off my feet.

Site/app for listening to and sharing music and more. I've only recently began using Grooveshark after seeing some tweets about it. I used it to listen to Esperanza Spalding and maybe get some my guilty pleasure song fixes after the Grammys. ;) Don't know what took me so long, but glad to finally be here!